• Market Intellingence

    We provide decision makers with a complete picture of the relevant industries structures and competitive landscapes.

  • Targets and Projects Screening

    • Build filtering process with clear criteria based upon investors’ guidelines
    • Identification of investment opportunities with strategic feet
    • Analysis to determine risks and expected returns
    • Reality check to validate conclusions
  • Portfolio Construction

    • Ensure sourcing of active deal flow through proprietary channels
    • Seek diversification and differentiation
    • Meet defined criteria and thresholds
    • Determine contribution to overall return
  • Due Diligence & Structuring

    • Dedicated transaction team
    • Review of key risks and assumptions
    • Development of value proposition
    • Risk mitigation recommendations
    • Funding structure optimization
    • Negotiate transaction terms and conditions.
  • Investment Review

    Management and engagement with:

    • Deal Team
    • Review Team
    • Partners
    • Investment Committees  


  • Management Teams

    Expertise, capability and networking to recommend management and operations teams to drive turnarounds, integration, or growth.